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Operator Membership

Founded in 1977 as an association of accredited retirement communities, ORCA is the voice of Ontario’s regulated retirement community operators. Today, ORCA represents 95 per cent of the province’s retirement community suites. ORCA is the only association with the expertise and experience to effectively represent our members and promote sector success.

  • We advocate on the issues that matter most to our members.
  • We develop meaningful and relevant education and operational resources in consultation with experts and partner organizations.
  • We provide quality member services for a constantly evolving sector.
  • We inform and educate the public about the benefits and value of retirement community living.
  • We steward sector investment and growth through data collection and benchmarking.

ORCA Member Values

In order to obtain and maintain their membership, ORCA operator members must subscribe to our Member Values.

As a member of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association, we uphold and affirm our responsibilities to our residents by subscribing to the following values:

  • We believe in quality of life for all residents that encompasses their right to dignity, respect, choice, privacy and autonomy.
  • We respect the cultural, social and religious diversity of our residents and employees.
  • We are committed to maintaining a high standard of professional conduct and act with integrity, honesty, openness and fairness when interacting with residents, families, employees and other operators and businesses.
  • We provide our employees with the tools and training they need to perform their roles.
  • We safeguard the well-being of our residents and employees.
  • We provide a respectful workplace and seek to hire employees with good moral character, appropriate experience, competence and compassion.
  • We comply with all relevant municipal and provincial regulations governing our operations.
  • We engage in fair marketing practices and will only participate in activities that are a credit to the sector at large.

Learn more about the benefits of operator membership.

Download our operator membership information page and application form.


Contact Anna Loginova, Member Services Associate at:
Phone:  905-403-0500 ext. 231


Commercial Partnership

Commercial partners enable the delivery of services and programs to the growing number of member residences. ORCA boasts 250 businesses in Ontario that are benefiting from their affiliation with ORCA.

As a commercial partner, you can:

  • Be a part of a growing community of dedicated retirement community professionals.
  • Reach retirement home management and other decision makers through sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
  • Build lead-generating relationships with operator members through networking and other special event opportunities year round.
  • Support high quality education and services aimed at ensuring the success of our members and the sector.

Learn more about the benefits of commercial partnership.

Download our commercial partnership information page and application form.


Contact Anna Loginova, Member Services Associate at:
Phone:  905-403-0500 ext. 231

If you are interested in membership for your home, please contact us or call 905-403-0500.