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Dementia-Inclusive Initiative

“I’m Olive” depicts a day in the life of a retirement community resident living well with dementia.

ORCA is committed to helping retirement communities provide supportive and safe environments for residents living with varying levels of cognitive abilities. As an association, we want to foster dementia inclusivity, reduce stigmas, and raise awareness for staff, residents, and families living in retirement communities; which led to the development of ORCA’s Dementia-Inclusive Initiative (DII).

Over 3,000 managers and frontline retirement community staff have
participated in our DII training to date.

To learn more about Dementia and our resources, click here.

“This initiative has helped our staff to rethink how they communicate with others (both residents and staff) while working in our dementia-inclusive community. As we have learned in the course, we are focusing on being more mindful of the language we use, the tone of our voice, the physical position in which we speak to our residents (at eye level), and our demeanor; ensuring we are remaining calm, positive and compassionate at all times.”

– ORCA Member

“Dementia stigma is pervasive and affects the quality of life of people with dementia and their families. We can’t cure dementia yet, but we can all cure stigma.”

– Scotland Alzheimer’s Society

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