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Home Tour Checklist

Their responsibility to you

The goal of each visit to a retirement home is to build a clear and complete understanding of:

  • The location and the suites available
  • Amenities, programs and services
  • Policies that may affect you (e.g. pets, visitors, oxygen therapies, medical monitoring)
  • The “feel” and personality of the residence
  • The price, pricing options and what’s included

Questions you can ask during your visit:

  • Ask residents about their experiences living there
  • Ask for residents’ family references so you can ask about their experience
  • Ask what happens if your health deteriorates
  • Ask for samples of admission paperwork, menus, activity calendars and newsletters
  • Ask to go beyond the suite and common areas and see the kitchen
  • Ask to see stairwells and less travelled areas to ensure they are clean and well-maintained

Helpful files to download

These PDF's will open in a new window where you can save or print them.

Next Steps

Find a residence and book a visit, preferably one that includes a full tour, a complimentary meal in the dining room, an appointment with the general manager and time to talk with staff and residents.