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Our Team

Meet the ORCA Team

ORCA’s team of dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic staff are committed to serving our members and
meeting the association’s strategic priorities as set by the Board of Directors.

Please feel free to contact any member of the team. We would be pleased to hear from you.

Cathy Hecimovich

Cathy Hecimovich, Chief Executive Officer
(905) 403-0500  Ext. 222

Jessica Luh Kim

Jessica Luh Kim, Vice President, Membership,
Policy & Professional Development
905-403-0500 Ext. 237

Wayne Ingleton

Wayne Ingleton, Director, Finance
905-403-0500 Ext. 225

Gibb McGugan

Gibb McGugan, Director,
Communications & Corporate Affairs
905-403-0500 Ext. 234

Trina Mackay

Trina MacKay, Senior Manager,
Learning Technology
905-403-0500  Ext. 230

Erin Feutl

Erin Feutl, Manager, Policy &
Professional Development
905-403-0500 Ext. 233

Ania Sawala

Ania Sawala, Member Services Specialist
905-403-0500 Ext. 235

Lindsay Butt

Lindsay Butt, Communications Specialist
905-403-0500 Ext. 227

Danielle S

Danielle Samuels, Associate