Dynamic. Smart. Exciting. Social. These words describe the seniors of today.

As you know, by 2036 there will be over 10 million seniors in this country.

And as the current system in Ontario is facing increasing pressure on the long-term care system, and a growing number of seniors in alternate level of care (ALC) settings, now is the time for innovative solutions and big change.

Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) believes strongly, seniors deserve a plan that supports seniors’ best choice and interests.

That plan includes a Senior Services Benefit.

A Senior Services Benefit is a monthly allowance – sent directly to the senior to help pay for housing and care needs. It’s designed to alleviate financial pressures placed on seniors and would empower them to stay in the community among friends and peers longer where they can live and thrive.

We need to stop pushing seniors into beds and work harder to keep them in their community where they are supported to live with their friends and peers.

A community where they will thrive.

Because for some seniors, it’s about not being able to return to the community because they cannot afford the services they need to go home.  For other seniors, it’s about being pushed into long-term care sooner than necessary because of insufficient resources to pay for the home care they need.  And for some seniors, it’s about being at the mercy of an inefficient, cumbersome system which deprives them of both choice and the power to control what it is they actually need.

ORCA believes we need a bold plan for publicly funded services. And we believe part of that plan should include a Senior Services Benefit (seniorservicesbenefit.ca).

If you want more information on the Senior Services Benefit contact ORCA today.