I recently had the pleasure of meeting with my CEO counterparts from our sister Associations across Canada, along with their Board Chairs:

  • BC Senior Living Association (BCSLA)
  • Alberta Seniors Communities & Housing Association (ASCHA)
  • Regroupement Québécois des Résidences Pour Aînes (RQRA)
  • Representative from Eastern Canada retirement living

We spent a day and a half together discussing what we had in common and how we could collaborate to boost our individual efforts in each province while raising the profile for senior living nationally. We walked away with three key areas of opportunity where we can combine our efforts to better serve retirement home operators across the county; expanding the CORE data base, creating a comprehensive research and news repository, and developing national standards.

Expanding CORE data base

The CORE data base is an ORCA initiative, celebrating its second anniversary this year.  The data base collects information on sales and marketing metrics, occupancy rates and annual financial data for the sector in Ontario – making it a valuable tool for operators, developers, investors, government, stakeholders and the general public. Our first task as an alliance will be to expand CORE to a national platform. What an exciting step forward for building transparency around the senior living sector in Canada!

Creating a comprehensive research and news repository

In April, ASCHA is set to launch a new repository of industry research, sector news and association projects for their members in Alberta. This comprehensive library, named FRANCIS (Facts/Resources/ Analytics/Numbers/Communications/Information/Statistics), will have the ability to support research and lobby efforts in each province. Following a successful launch this year in Alberta, we agreed that each association would contribute to this exciting new repository. Sharing resources is an important step forward to continue raising awareness for our sector.

Setting national standards

Finally, we agreed to catalogue and compare our provincial regulations. This will help us in setting national standards, as well as provide information to governments at all levels as they consider how to meet the growing needs of an aging population.

Frederic Soucy, Executive Vice President, Cogir and Chair of RQRA summarized best what we were all feeling:

“I am amazed that we share the same challenges in each province and that we have so much in common including our commitment to serve the seniors who live in our buildings.”

We were only together one and a half days – imagine what we will achieve together as our alliance strengthens and grows in years to come!