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Putting Seniors First – 2022 Pre-Budget Submission

These past couple of years have been difficult for all Ontarians – COVID-19 has pushed Ontario to its limit, and then some.

What remains constant, however, is ORCA’s steadfast commitment to our seniors. As the Association that represents more than 90 per cent of all licensed retirement community suites in Ontario, and the 60,000 seniors and 30,000 frontline staff who choose to live and work in our homes – caring for seniors is our most important job, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We believe in putting seniors first. A commitment to doing so means ensuring that every senior has access to a strong continuum of care that supports their needs and choices. A continuum that protects and works for them. A continuum that includes all of its contributors working together to full scope, embracing innovation and change to serve seniors best.

That work and responsibility coupled with the desire for seniors to have a stronger continuum of care has shaped “Putting Seniors First,” ORCA’s 2022 Pre-Budget Submission that is grounded and supported by a recent C.D. Howe Institute report that recommends that “governments should explore means of utilizing the existing supply of retirement home spaces to provide care more efficiently and possibly more equitably to those now admitted prematurely to LTC. Addressing cost barriers through subsidies or benefits for low-income seniors could ensure more equitable access to independent and assisted-living residences.”

Putting Seniors First” lays out a reasonable, achievable roadmap to serve seniors better in three sections titled: Keeping Seniors Safe, Policies to Put Seniors First, and Helping Our Seniors. It highlights the importance of reliable, high-quality care in a safe environment while embracing innovative solutions. Solutions such as a Senior Services Benefit, which puts seniors and their care first – requiring no new money.

Putting Seniors First” is the cornerstone of our advocacy efforts from now until post-budget 2022. ORCA is committed to continuing our work with government on these important issues for the good of seniors across the province.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a journey. We respectfully acknowledge and mourn for those who have been lost and continue to work diligently to address the ongoing challenges still present. Change is needed in the days and months ahead – we look forward to and are very ready to be part of this important action.

Click here to view “Putting Seniors First”.