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Putting Seniors First

On September 15, ORCA announced the launch of our 2021 Pre-Budget Submission – “Putting Seniors First”.

2020 has been a year different from those which came before – COVID-19 has pushed Ontario to its limit, and then some. The safety and protection of the seniors who live in retirement communities, their families and the staff who provide their care has been our first priority throughout the pandemic.

We believe in putting seniors first. A commitment to doing so means ensuring that every senior has access to a strong continuum of care that supports their needs and choices. A continuum that protects and works for them. A continuum that includes all of its contributors working together to full scope, embracing innovation and change to serve seniors best.

That work and responsibility coupled with a desire for seniors to have a stronger continuum of care has shaped “Putting Seniors First”, ORCA’s 2021 Pre-Budget Submission that is grounded in two simple ideas:

  1. That seniors deserve to be safe in a home that they love and empowered to choose the care they need when they need it.
  2. That we are all in this together and to ensure the well-being of all seniors – systemic innovations are necessary.

Putting Seniors First” lays out a reasonable, achievable roadmap to serve seniors better in three sections titled: Keeping Seniors Safe; Policies to Put Seniors First; and Helping Our Seniors.

It highlights the importance of reliable, high quality care in a safe environment while embracing innovative solutions. Solutions such as a Senior Services Benefit, which puts seniors and their care first – requiring no new money.

Putting Seniors First” is the cornerstone of our advocacy efforts from now until post-budget 2021. ORCA is committed to continuing our work with government on these important issues for the good of seniors across the province.

Click here to view “Putting Seniors First”.

This is version 1.1 of ORCA’s Pre-Budget Submission and may be altered as a result of changes between now and the announcement of the 2021 Budget.