Supporting a Growing Sector

As the provincial association representing more than 93 per cent of the growing retirement community sector in Ontario, we play an increasingly important leadership role in education for our members, providing information to the public about retirement home living and advocating on behalf of our members to support a thriving sector built around serving seniors’ needs and their desire for choice.


We are leaders in sector-wide education for Ontario’s retirement community sector and provide our members with a comprehensive education program through our ORCA Knowledge Centre.

ORCA’s Knowledge Centre is unlike any other. Not only do we provide education on all relevant provincial regulations, we also support our members to go above and beyond, helping them stay on top of the latest industry trends, news, information and best practices. We partner with knowledgeable experts to develop and provide quality education services through a variety of convenient delivery methods from online tutorials to onsite or event based programs.

We offer convenient and flexible delivery through teleconferences and webinars, and online access to the Learning Centre for Senior Living. Content is relevant and serves existing and emerging education needs, promotes best practices and supports compliance with all relevant provincial regulations.

Public Information

As an association committed to a strong, vibrant sector and to helping seniors and their families to make informed decisions about their retirement living options, we take seriously our role in helping to connect the public to accurate, reliable and practical information and tools to learn more about retirement living and the options available in the sector.

Check out our Home Finder Tool to help find ORCA-member retirement homes in your area.


Supporting a strong sector means advocating for our members. We do this by reaching out to stakeholders, seniors housing and health system partners and government. Our focus is on information sharing and education. We take pride in our collaborative approach to working with various stakeholders so that the sector’s voice is heard and respected while making sure that we can continue to shape good public policy and support the fundamentals of a successful industry.

Member Service

Our number-one priority is the provision of quality member services. Whether through the implementation of education programs and up-to-date information concerning the sector, or operational support and resources, or through our lobbying efforts, ORCA ensures that its services are meaningful, practical and provide members with exceptional value.