The ORCA Member Advantage

Throughout our history, our members have always been required to meet certain standards to retain their membership. Prior to introduction of the Retirement Homes Act (RHA), ORCA was the only agency that set standards for, inspected and accredited retirement homes.  Any home wishing to be a member had to meet established quality standards that were essential to the safe operation of a retirement home and the well-being of residents.

Today, ORCA member homes maintain their commitment to our member values and to being a part of a growing community of operators who believe in providing quality, comfortable and enriching experiences for older seniors.

In addition, through ORCA membership these retirement communities have access to the most up to date, comprehensive education for the retirement sector. We provide our member homes with:

  • The latest information on best practices
  • Education and networking events to share knowledge and expertise
  • Opportunities to learn directly from expert organizations, such as the College of Nurses
  • Operations manuals, templates and guidelines for policy making

When considering living in a retirement home, or if you are looking on behalf of a loved one, be sure to choose a home that is an active ORCA member.