About Us

The Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) is a voluntary non-profit association that represents operators of retirement residences in Ontario.

Our vision

Lead the sector through innovation to meet the social infrastructure needs of seniors today and in the future.

Our mission

To support our members and partners while enhancing public confidence in a dynamic retirement communities sector through:

  • Innovation and Research
  • Advocacy and Policy Development
  • Education and Resources

About us

Since 1977, ORCA has set the standard for operational excellence through its leadership in offering quality retirement living education to our members. ORCA represents over 92 percent of the retirement home sector in Ontario with members (574) providing accommodations and services to over 55,000 seniors. ORCA’s membership also includes 260 commercial members who provide products and valuable services to retirement communities throughout the province.

ORCA provides leadership in areas of education and training and supports members to meet provincial regulations, adopt best practices and promote quality and excellence in all areas of operation.

ORCA also strongly promotes and advocates on behalf of its members with government and other stakeholders and positions the sector for growth and success as an invaluable service to today’s growing senior population.

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